Dear Clients!

Grot Transport Company wants to present to you the great variety of proposed services and to encourage you to cooperation.
The company was established in 1997 on the basis of the sign in the obligatory filling system. We are the income tax payers.przeprowadzki łódź

We have all the necessary permissions and licences to run the freight transport services: Professional Capacity Certificate for International Road Transport of Goods, Licence for International Road Transport of Goods. Since the beginning we put great emphasis on the issues which are very important – reliability, punctuality and quantity. The warranty for our services are the Civil Responsiiblity Agreements and Acts. Our characteristic feature is great credibility as our staff seldom rotates. Our drivers have all the necesarry authorities and qualifications to carry Your commodities. We also have got our own office backup thanks to which we are able to cope with any problems and our customers’ documentation very quickly. Removals are the other branch of our services strongly connected to freight transport. We have a special crew of selected emloyees who deal only with removals.

GROT company provides services within European Union countries. Our main aim is to meet and satisfy every client’s needs.

You are more than welcome to start cooperation with us.